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Yes, Hoeber Media is committed to our clients’ safety and comfort.Our team is following all best practices recommended by local and federal guidelines.To download a copy of our plan and the protocol click here Click Me

We wear masks, gloves, and practice a stringent safety protocol for your safety. We check our temperatures 2x daily and will screen for COVID-19 as needed. We sanitize common areas, points of contact like doorknobs and counters, as well as surfaces every hour. We plan to follow federal guidelines as they are updated regarding the maximum capacity of studio guests at any time, and are prepared to discuss these details with you at the time of your booking.

Yes, we ask all the clients that work with us directly that they stay home if they are experiencing a fever, symptoms of COVID-19, or have come in contact with someone presumed to be infected. Upon arrival, the procedure is that you are asked if you are experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19 such as fever, difficulty breathing, dry cough, loss of sense of smell or taste, etc. Our protocol is to check temperatures with a non-contact thermometer to prevent interpersonal contact. If you present with a fever of 100 degrees or higher, you will not be allowed to enter and we will notify your shoot’s producer. Following the CDC guidelines, after you’ve been able to rest for 15 mins, we will re-check your temperature. If it is still high, you will not be allowed access to the studio and we will consult with you about the next steps per CDC guidelines.
Before the first day of your shoot, our booking department will discuss with you our COVID-19 Protection Plan, allowing the opportunity for any questions and special requests you’d like to make. We ask all clients to wear masks or face coverings when moving through any common areas of the studio, and to maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from others. Our reception area located in Building 1 will be open, however, we ask that people do not enter until screening is completed. Screening is done one person at a time for optimum dedication to your safety. Any packages or items that are delivered to the studio will be accepted outside the studio by our team, who will then drop them off at the studio entrance following our sanitization protocol.
We are minimizing contact between staff and crew for optimal distance and minimal physical contact. Before and after each shoot, we do a deep clean; sanitizing all equipment and touchpoints in the studio. Additional on-set disinfection can be requested throughout your production if desired. Sanitizer stations are available for rental, and PPE supplies for purchase, from our production staff. Our studio has a private entrance for a closed set during your production. Your crew and talent will not have access to our other buildings and common areas and no one from outside will enter the studio to minimize contact and potential spread.

Our Work

Technology has been both a blessing and a spark for growth. With our current use of technology, we can create a working environment just about anywhere, streamlining collaboration. Technology has helped us fine-tune our surreal style, allowing for sleek, bold, and technically outstanding visuals that otherwise would be impossible to create
We are neither designers, typographers, nor artists. We simply create images with you, for you. Hoeber has been creating images directly with individual clients and ad agencies since 2007. We strive to enhance and spotlight the brands we represent with our creative direction and production.
At Hoeber we don’t limit ourselves with rules; instead, we have a defined recipe that we adjust to your tastes. As an evolving imaging and production company, we realized that the boundaries of traditional agencies did not provide the collaborative environment required to create our work. Over the years, we have refined our production process down to using small, cohesive teams to ensure your project’s success. We believe in the open exchange of ideas and constant self-improvement before, during, and after the process.
Every project we commit to has a multidisciplinary approach. Real photography is enhanced with technology to create one-of-a-kind imagery and special effects. We use CGI to create images that surpass the current limits of traditional photography, all the while maintaining respect for the craft.

We consider scalable imagery a breakthrough in imaging capabilities. Scalable imagery gives us the capability to adapt our subject to any background, lighting, and environment. Brand identity can remain consistent while allowing for responsive adaptation that can be localized in each market.

Production Services

We primarily offer commercial photography services to our agency clients. However, if we feel our work and your project are well-suited for one another, we do also accept photography work. We have several photographers who work out of our studios that offer a wide range of styles.
35. Yes! We consider our studio to be far more than just a rental space. ‘Designed by photographers, for photographers’, we think of our production studio services as your integrated creative partner to help simplify and fast-track the content creation process.
37. Fret not, we have enough parking for your team and ours. You will find our site map and master plan here Click Me
We offer some limited set building services. With that said we have advanced capabilities in set design and previsualizations.
We do have the ability to assist in providing a full-time producer for your project. Please request our rate card for detailed pricing.

Studio Bookings

We have three rental rates to choose from when booking our studio. A daily flat rate, 3-day flat rate, and a weekly flat rate. Our standard day is from 8 AM-6 PM, or 9 AM-7 PM. Weekday and weekend rates based on a 10-Hr day / overtime rates apply over 10 hours. Additional statutory holiday rates will apply. Weekends are decided on a case by case basis and are subject to availability. If you have a weekend date for your production, please inquire in advance so we can accommodate your booking.
Although our studio is multi-functional, it is not a sound stage, nor is it soundproof. If you need a studio space for your project with extensive audio capabilities, for the sake of your project, we don’t feel we are the best fit.
In many cases, we can store items for you before the day of your rental. We will apply a holding fee for storage if we’re able to take it in. Please discuss any storage needs when booking your production to ensure we can accommodate enough space for your materials. In all cases, items delivered before or left after a rental are strictly at the risk of the client/renter. We do not assume any responsibility for loss or damages to merchandise.
Unfortunately not, however, we have several prop walls that can be painted and transported into the studio available at your request.
Yes, our studio is an all-inclusive flat rate rental studio. When you rent out production space,we provide everything on our EQ list. Check out the included EQ Click Me

Studio + EQ

For studio rentals that go beyond our 10-hour-rental period, during normal hours of operation the overtime/early rate is $140.00/hr. We recommend renting an additional day should more than 10 hours be required for your production.
Yes, our studio is an all-inclusive flat rate rental studio. When you rent out production space with us,we provide everything on our EQ list at one flat daily rate. Check out the included EQ Click Me
We include all our equipment in our studio at a daily, 3 day, or weekly rate. We have a complete list of the included EQ that can be found here Click Me
Yes, our studio is an all-inclusive flat rate rental studio. When you rent out production space,we provide everything on our EQ list. Check out the included EQ Click Me
We have the largest in-stock PhaseOne camera system rentals in Dallas. We can help with almost any kit configuration that is required for your photoshoot. Click Me