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Hoeber works with brands to bring compelling visual content to life. We have combined everything under one roof which includes an agency, studio space and production services. As a full-service creative studio Hoeber combines every step of the creative process for established and emerging brands.

visuals that connect with purpose



scaleable imagery





Take visual
content further.

Leveraging our experience and production space, we are adaptable and flexible with a full-service suite of solutions — supporting in studio, on location, and remote production needs.
With our production studio and in-house EQ rentals, we are uniquely positioned to run productions and creative all under one roof. Our agency was born from our studio. As a creative hub for our communities for many years enabling collaboration is in our DNA.


Our conceptional services paint a clear path forward for the final results. Our Virtual Studio and pre-light with CGI provide an advanced viewpoint for everyone involved. This allows us to collaborate at a new level either in person or remotely. The result is a smaller production size and allows for a well-thought-out concept to be shared before execution.


We organize, manage, order, scout, and craft everything needed to create the images and films we all envisioned. Every important element of the production is defined in the pre-production guide.


In-studio or on-location our team of creative professionals shoot live-action and behind the scenes. Our creative CGI team monitors the shots and elements that are best created within our studio. With real photography and a dedicated CGI pipeline, we generate distinct and technically outstanding visual solutions for our clients and partners.


We aim to enhance the impact of your message and the story of your brand. We elevate the quality of the captured visuals and combine them with digitally crafted elements to create captivating results.


Every asset captured that we develop during our process is prepared for further application. Behind the scenes, footage and our production stories are rolled out for your PR channels. Production synergies are scalable to provide consistent content to every application of your brand message.



Our creative ecosystem drives efficacies in strategic, integrated productions. We are evolving, erasing boundaries in our industry to collaborate with curiosity. With experience that spans CGI and photographic production, we can work in new ways that are amongst today’s evolving worlds of content.





We are  visually inclined 

At the core, we are an imaging agency. We collaborate with brands, clients, and agencies by providing distinct and technically outstanding visual solutions. We are attracted by projects that implement a multidisciplinary creative approach. Real photography or CGI. Digital or tactile. Or both. – In short, we are visual marketers

Our creatives serve our  photography production 

With our holistic approach of connecting our creative department and production department, we can assess the final imagery precisely. Early in the creative process, we involve our imaging team. This allows everyone on the team to better understand the details of the project. Photographers lend technical expertise and creatives share their insight into what is culturally resonating. It’s the sweet spot where art and science come together. No silos. Just great work.

Our best comes  from diversity of ideas 

We understand that creativity can come from any corner. The best ideas are not constrained by the title, politics, or group thinking. We draw insights from our diverse team and value them not by who they are, but by their own merits. This allows us to maintain an atmosphere of progressive collaboration. After all, great things come from unexpected places.

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